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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One of the best days

I've had some really hard days this month especially last week. Just plain difficult days but today was splendid. The weather is cold and snowy and the barn isn't as much fun when it is winter time but I still love it. I got a job I am really excited about and there is plenty of room for more opportunities.

I helped a friend go to a two dog family to a three and with one dog having some major behavioral issues. I learned today that all is well and the one dog that was not doing well or happy is doing very well and is much happier. I love helping with behavior and finding pieces to the puzzle of unwanted behavior such as why it occurs in the first place and helping to find a solution.

I cleaned the mini and pony's stall which is much easier now that they have more room and Aubrey's stall is clean too and is much easier. Cody looks great with some senior food and beet pulp. Mare's eye is better and I might have found an easier way to keep the dust down in the arena.

Thursday, I report to my new job and start working and helping design my own advertising for bringing in new customers as a dog groomer. I love the owner and I think we will work well together. When I walked in there were dogs walking around everywhere, not caged but socializing and having a great time. It felt right immediately. Tomorrow, I am cleaning my tools and getting them ready to take with me. Having and using your own tools is very important and really makes you feel good. Well, it makes me feel good. In the spring I am going to invest in the huge horse clippers and maybe do some horse clipping in the spring, especially mini's and ponies.

I even got a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day.... life is good at this moment. 

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