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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunshine today

We have had snow or mud here for quiet awhile but today the sun was out and it warmed up and although there was mud it is looking better. I enjoyed this morning and worked in the barn cleaning the arena and watering it down. I cleaned the kennel and hosed it out really well and mopped the floor.

I went into the shop today and started a database with address of possible new customers. I took Kylie with me and introduced her to everyone. We spent a couple of hours working and came home and did stalls. I washed mares eye and let Scrappy out and the two dogs I am kenneling Bogie and Bandit.

Later I went out and cleaned Buzzie's stall while he was out in the arena being ridden. Tomorrow, I will let my little herd out and my brother asked if he could ride Cody Sunday, he hasn't been on a horse since he was young. I think Sunday will be an interesting day.

Tomorrow I think it is time to clean the house and go to Tractor Supply. My brother is doing the stalls tomorrow for exercise and to give me a day off. I love working in the barn but it is nice to have one day to do other things.

I haven't checked the weather but it would be nice to see some sunshine again and if things dry up before Tuesday (big if) I could take Big Red out and play. 

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