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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Helping a friend

Today I took a few hours and did something different, I helped a friend clean up her business computer because an employee had really screwed it up. It is all better now and I had fun. Did the stalls and cleaned all of my grooming equipment and put it in my portable grooming bag for tomorrow. I invested in some very good equipment that makes the job a lot easier.

I have another house that my neighbor is purchasing and it looks like the transaction will be final sometime early March. Taking care of two properties isn't fun and I will be glad to get that behind me. I have learned to that investing in my business will relieve me of some of my tax penalties from using my retirement to get started. I will be looking for a good tax attorney/accountant to get everything in line this year.

The stress with so many variables has been at times excruciating but slowly but surely things have worked out. The secret it to try and remain cool, positive, and pray. It works for me some days and then other times it's like okay I'm running away now!

Looking forward to tomorrow and getting into the grooming shop and doing what I love. I still have my little grooming room here and can groom on the days I am not working. I also kennel on a small scale and enjoy it because the dogs are pretty happy here and it is a laid back place. 

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