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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still Smelling Good, Nothing Else Much Going On Except a Lecture

Yes, he still smells good and he has two different scents on, one on each sleeve! Anyway, plenty of work in the barn and I started cleaning the house up tonight because this is going to be a busy exhausting weekend. It will start with barn chores tomorrow and working on phones and more barn chores. I may go to a friends house for New Year's Eve or stay home haven't decided yet.

Saturday starts a round of pet sits that last till Monday. In addition, I have an old friend stopping by sometime and Kylie's friends are doing a Sunday Night sleepover here. Not to mention the two dogs I am keeping here for a relative. I have a very full life!

Monday my class starts again and also my regular work schedule in the evening will be full. I will have to try and get as much sleep as possible to keep up with everything but this weekend is going to be real hectic and sleep doesn't sound like something that I will get a lot of but we'll see.

I got a lecture from my 13 year old daughter this evening that I was acting like her friends at her old school talking about guys and relationships and that I should think about something else. Surely the humor in this is obvious. I haven't considered dating in oh lets say about 10 years. I have always put her first in everything and protected her in every way possible. I've worked hard and now I feel I could try going out with someone or at least flirt for heavens sake. It has apparently made her uncomfortable and I was set down and warned of the danger of thinking too much about the opposite sex. Hurray for me!!

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