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Friday, August 22, 2014

A note about hunger

I was rummaging around for food in the kitchen today and thought about how people put things together, sometimes healthy sometimes not. I could stand to loose some weight so I don't mind not having a lot of food in the house because I'll eat more being so anxious and worried. Kylie on the other hand needs to eat, she has a high metabolism and she needs energy.

Boxed processed food is what most people eat when they don't have much money for groceries, it's okay to a point but it isn't very healthy. One thing that I have to watch out for is processed food or too much of it because my stomach will erupt and I will throw it up and suffer for days. With that said I try hard to find ways to get something more nutritional thrown together.

Now you would think dill pickles would kill my stomach but they don't, I eat one or two a day and my stomach actually feels better plus the vinegar wards off the hungry feeling I get from nerves. I try to use eggs, milk, and beans as much as possible and if I can I try using some frozen vegetables even in mac and cheese to get some vitamins in it.

Kylie is a big bread eater and more of a protein person than fruits and vegetables so I have to doctor them up to get her to eat it.

One good thing is that we don't buy pop, we do get a bag of chips when we can because Kylie likes to graze on them. Nana has taken the limited food issue a little hard, she loves to eat a variety of things when I eat but she loves chips and so at least that's a treat for her.

My biggest concern is really Kylie, she tries to go without food and that's not good. I have my pickles though and so that is something. I am grateful we have not run out of toilet paper, it sounds funny and it is, I guess it is silly except when you are on a very slim budget.

I think soon the food issue will be solved either by a food pantry or some help from the county, we don't really need a lot it's just the two of us plus a few fur mouths to feed as well.     

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