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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Interviews and help with Groceries

I had an interview with the human resource representative for a big company Monday, I am waiting to hear about a second interview. I haven't heard anything yet from the one I had a couple of weeks ago but they said they'd be interviewing for awhile.

I spoke to the county today and we got approved for some help with groceries, I have to wait till we get something in the mail which will be 7-10 days. We will have to struggle through it till then. I was able to buy dog food with some money someone sent us, we went to the dollar store and picked up a few items that will last till the weekend.

I've been very tired today, I think it's the heat but that is supposed to subside soon. Kylie is doing okay in school and adjusting, it will be better when I have food in the house and can send her to school with something for lunch.

It looks like she is on her own as far as her father, the county is unable to verify any income or collect child support. I know he is doing something in Jackson, Ohio but I won't be passing that along to the county it isn't worth it. There are so many things he could have helped her with but it is useless to try and reason with him, it always ends up hurting her and she doesn't need to be hurt anymore. Somehow we will get through this and when things are better I will give her everything I can to help her with her future. She's determined to make something of herself and I know she'll do it. 

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