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Friday, August 15, 2014

Last night was horrible, today a small ray of hope

I wasn't going to post anymore, I just felt it was hopeless but today I got a little good news. First, we received a donation which will help pay for gas money. I have a farm sitting job next week for two weeks and didn't have money for gas. The folks I do this for are awesome people and it will turn into some much needed funds.

Second, I talked to my school counselor and I am only taking one class this semester which is a programming class. I will take only one class the next semester that will be a programming class, that will be enough to apply for entry level jobs in IT. That will open up a world of job opportunities for me by January. They may not pay much at first but it's a start and will lead to a new career faster because experience counts in IT and I don't want to wait for years to get it.

Third, I got some really good feedback on my contract job which is really hard and takes a lot of concentration. I am reviewing loans as far back as 2000 and most of the loans are modified or in foreclosure which means reams of paperwork and changes in terms. Some things that lenders have done in those years I have never seen before and I have to be fast and accurate, yesterday I had a loan with 2,000 documents to review. It is time consuming and I will  not earn much unless I get faster and that will take time but I am trying to master it as quickly as I can.

People have suggested some minimum wage jobs which I am not apposed to, I couldn't do it while I was receiving unemployment because it would have been less income. This contract job pays a minimum of $20 a file and that is why I am holding out for it, the work didn't come right away but if it continues to come in and I get faster it will be a tremendous help.

I should hear something next week about the job interview. I pray I get it and I can pull us out of this pit we are sinking into before loosing the ones I love and a secure place for my daughter.

Anyway, it was a little bit of hope today. 

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