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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The most caring and considerate

There is nothing more caring and considerate beings on earth sometimes than our animal friends. When I really down sometimes the only thing I can do is lay down and go to sleep, my dogs stay with me at times like this and sensing how I feel offer their best in way of comfort, many times I have needed their love and comfort through times that seemed unbearable. Since this is the second time our lives have been thrown into uncertainty in three years there have been some real hard days and nights of worry.

I try to maintain normal sleeping hours most of the time, the same as if I were working and I have one special little helper for that, Cooper my Sheltie. He makes sure I wake up on time, I use my phone for an alarm but Cooper is way more effective. He will sneeze, scratch, pace and bark on time every morning until I get up. Occasionally, and especially if it is to early Micah my Collie mix will intervene and keep Cooper away until it is the time to get up. I always wake up with Daniel my Golden laying as close as possible against my back quietly snuggling up to me as Golden's love to do.

When I get up the two parrots that we have are on alert for breakfast. Nana and Lokie like to be pet first and then get their nutritious food, the one with all the vitamins they need for the day and then regular bird food mainly seeds next. Nana will remind me if I don't do this right away, sometimes nicely by talking and sometimes turning her volume up.

Nana will be quiet for the rest of the morning until she hears Kylie stir and then she lets loose until Kylie acknowledges her but if she thinks Kylie is sleeping she doesn't make a peep.

I let the ponies out every morning and before the run out into the field to eat Pony always walks up to me and puts his head in my chest for a petting and then he goes.  All of them know when things are going well, I suppose they are attune to our moods and behavior but they never fail to try and lift our spirits in some way.

Animals are compassionate and always happy, of course the key to their happiness is that they get to be with us and of course there's food and water. Their needs though are simple and they enjoy each moment.

Special thanks to the Cooper Alarm Clock company thought for always being on the job!

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