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Saturday, August 9, 2014

How things are today

I worked earlier this week but the employer I am working for as a contract underwriter has not yet completely turned me loose on my own. The process is very slow and it will cause me to loose any earnings I would have in two weeks.

The job started at the end of the pay period so I won't see any money for two weeks. I have an interview next week at a local company and I am going to try and impress them. Employers don't care about people, I will have to come across as life is great and I am the best thing since white bread.

In the meantime the internet bill is paid for, the car payment will be paid but I am one month behind, horse board is due next week and I do not have it. At the end of the month it is the phone and electric bills and they will be shut off if I don't pay.

I am mentally better than I was a week ago simply because of people helping me. I have always found a way to land on my feet but this time I haven't found a way yet and I have asked for help which is hard for me to do.

I carry on though day by day trying to deal with that particular days challenges. I know when I do get a job I am going to put money aside regardless of any demands by bill collectors or otherwise. I know I have to make plans to keep us safe if at anytime we are in a situation like this again.

One things besides savings is using some of whatever I get to help people on a monthly basis. I think it is important to give to someone else because that was God's original plan. Those of us He blesses greatly is wise to bless other's so that the Lord is glorified. It gives me great pleasure to give to someone or to a rescue to  know that someone are something will have something they need. 

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