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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just feeling anxiety today

Yesterday I was tired, I don't really have a reason for being tired but I was and I slept for awhile in the afternoon. I woke up tired, it might be that the weather is getting hot again. I sometimes just need to shutdown for awhile to recharge mentally and maybe that's it.

I am a little panicky, I am almost out of coffee and gas for the car. I don't indulge in many things but I like coffee and I live on caffeine, we don't buy pop anymore and mostly drink juice, milk and water but I do drink coffee and it's going to be terrible without it.

I don't mind not having money except for when we don't have enough for basic needs. Of course there is the issue of having a roof over our heads and whether we loose our two horses.

Today is supposed to be a pretty hot day, I have enjoyed the milder weather and cooler nights but I am really worried about the winter. It was a very hard winter last year and I drove out late at night most nights to make sure the horses had water that wasn't frozen and some extra hay to keep their body temperatures up through the long nights.

This has been a very hard year in general and another bad winter is just overwhelming to think about. I pray it isn't as bad as last winter, it hurt a lot of animals, we lost our sweet Dusti too. Nature is tough sometimes, I love it but it's tough.  

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