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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The meter man

8:00 here in the morning. Suddenly, the dogs go wild in a frenzy of barking and running from window to window. Then, a car door. Who would be rude enough to come here at 8:00 in the morning it must  be my imagination. A slow but firm knock at the front door, blast. Still in PJ's I slowly creep into the sun room where my hoodie is as dogs wildly thrash and bark around me in a frenzy of alerting and alarming led by a little shrimp called Cooper.  Daniel steps on my foot, ouch.

Covered by my trusty hoodie I slowly approach the door secretly cursing the visitor. Alas, it is the meter man who wishes to simply read the electric meter on the barn which happens to be in the fenced in area.  I tell him where to go(not the bad place with hockey sticks) and he points out that he knows but the sign says beware of dogs. I wish to point out that he says this as they are all on the porch dancing around him with glee and getting scratches. The dog friendly meter man just wanted to make sure it was safe to check the meter. It is as my dogs are all on the porch dancing around and not in the back in the fenced area. The meter man agrees that they are not in the fenced in area at this time.

So, off he goes and the dogs pile back into the house satisfied that they have indeed let me know we have an early morning visitor.  The meter man gingerly drives back to the gate, lets himself in and does his job. I peak out to see him leave and trying to put the twine back over the gate.  Woof, that was Micah just letting me know he sees the guy leaving.

Happy dogs, and too much excitement for me this morning.

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