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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lowkie after 9 months

My Pionus parrot who I have had since December who was very neglected just did something special for me tonight! He sat on my arm and got head scratches.  He loves head scratches but only from the safety of sitting on his cage. He won't step up and will bite when asked. Lowkie can't be bribed with food and he likes attention most of all. Lowkie is shy and has slowly learned to trust. He sat on my arm and lowered his head for me to groom the feathers he can't reach. He relaxed all of his feathers and was reluctant to jump back on his cage when I walked over to it with him perched on my arm.

He lets me play with his beak and touch his feet now. All this was slow going but worth it. He even lets me give him kisses and play with him and cuddle!

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