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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Settling in

After months of grueling work that started in the block building, barn, and then house, plus the move from the old house this morning while making coffee I felt like I was at home.

We painted and have hung only some of our curtains. We started hanging some of our pictures and I have a few in the kitchen. I have to fix holes around the window in the living room with joint compound and rehang the trim. I need to fix areas in the sun room, actually the entire top of the walls in the sun room where you can see outside because they didn't finish the job when the previous owners started to remodel. The birds will not be able to tolerate the draft in winter so it must be done soon. I could keep going but the list is too long.

This morning walking in the kitchen and seeing something on the open space of the walls like some of the things from the old home I was comforted. Being able to feel like I'm home is important and important to Kylie.

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