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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Losing weight and feeling great

Besides a bout with a sinus infection or something who knows I have been feeling great. Better than I did a year ago that's for sure. Best of all (drum roll) I am losing weight. Haven't weighed in but the jeans are getting looser. That is life saving and long over due. I haven't been watching what I eat but I am so busy I don't eat as much and of course I work a lot and mostly physical stuff.

I am much happier moving around all of the time instead of being pinned behind a desk or inside all of the time. Even not feeling well I can't stand to be idle long. I hope to lose one or two pants sizes the next few months. I don't care if I am ever skinny again but being a healthier weight would be a dream come true. I expect to be in a size 12 again in a few weeks. Keeping fingers crossed and doing my chores. Miller Mfg. PDF1BLUE Large Stable Fork

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