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Monday, September 20, 2010

Groundhogs be afraid, be very afraid

Kylie did a great job cleaning a couple of horse stalls tonight and did some math testing. I got caught up on my homework again. After chores we took a nice bucket full of used cat litter and some feed bags and made our way out to visit some groundhog holes. We dumped the litter in one hole and smoked up another really good.

This just the beginning of terrorizing the little fury menaces. I hate killing animals, even groundhogs but if it comes down to a horse or a groundhog the little furry hole diggers have to go.... one way or another.

Emmie followed and supervised the whole deal. She walked back most of the way but then we toted her like a sack of potatoes part way.  We threw her in the basement for the night so she could eat and we heard her spatting with the other cats.

We need lots of stinky cat litter as the groundhogs don't like to dig out their holes through smelly cat poo (evil laugh). So, keep it coming Emmie, Tiger Lilly, Buttons and Sweetie.

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