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Monday, September 6, 2010

Harvesting sunflowers

We have sunflowers the size of satellite dishes at our old place. Today I harvested some of them for my bird Annabelle. It is a treat for her to have a piece cut out of the sunflower head itself with the seeds in place and she can pick them out and eat them herself.

We had two huge burn piles at the old place which we set fire and burned down. I have to cut the entire two acres this week to get it ready for fall.

Had a call from my dad today and he supportive and upbeat which is a stretch for him but it was nice that he wanted me to know he cared (also a stretch for him). His 78th birthday is coming up soon and so I will call him and wish him a happy birthday. He also asked about Kylie which he doesn't usually so that was nice.

I'm starting to feel a little better tonight. My throat is still sore but my glands don't hurt as bad. I was very tired yesterday and had some stomach problems, chills and sweats. I am thinking I caught something because poor Kylie was starting to feel sick and her glands are hurting. I can't get checked by a doctor but I can take her in if it doesn't pass in a couple of days because she has her own insurance. Hopefully it's not strep and just a bug going around.

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