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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Raul's tries anti aging treatment

Raul's, the distinguished one, feels somewhat left out from Kindred Acres recent photo ops exposing new horse fashions.  After all, he is lodged between an exquisite paint and actual royalty but he refuses to be outdone.

Raul's is the oldest in the group of gentlemen stabled at the farm and carries a certain amount of responsibility to keep up appearances.  His latest attempt at a more youthful appearance is evidenced here as he applies a new anti aging formula to his muzzle.

The new regiment is guaranteed to smooth away wrinkles and provide for a more youthful appearance.  We know that Rauls looks very young for his age but we aren't permitted to compromise his exact age here as he has asked us not to.

If Rauls is successful in diminishing wrinkles, the use of this questionable product may spread through the barn.  I will keep my trusty iphone camera handy to take pictures of muzzles and boarders who may be tempted to plaster themselves in green gook in the coming weeks.

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