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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A rewarding moment

Today, we started out early. I pooped out about 1:00 this afternoon as I am so tired and feel sick from congestion in my ears and drainage. Been taking lots of ibuprofen so my stomach has been hurting too. I've been taking naps to keep up with things but I'm feeling a little better this evening.

Kylie had a great day today with the boarders and her pony. She loves the barn and hanging around with everyone.

We threw a saddle on Cody and I rode him for the first time in a long time and led Kylie around on his back. I'll have to take some pictures. He looked cute in his big old western saddle and English bridle. He neck reins just fine but I like direct reining for balance and to work him. I know he enjoyed it and Kylie certainly did, she wouldn't get down till she got a leg cramp.

Worked on advertising too as a good friend reminded me that I should. I need to focus on getting customers for the Dog Grooming end of things.

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