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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Satire is a very beautiful and very smart horse. He knows exactly what is expected of him when asked to do something like put his fly mask and halter on and going through the gait etc. When he first came here he seemed melancholy and as Michelle said sometimes a little depressed. I like to see all animals happy as I speak animal better than human (those who know me get this).

Lately,  I see more animation in Satire as he is very responsive and more engaged in his environment. He winy's for Kylie when he sees her and he is very excited to go out in the morning. Yesterday he came to the outside door and kept calling. Kylie knew what he wanted. Satire wasn't sure where the herd was and she walked him to the pasture so he could see them.

Although Satire likes his window as all the horses do he does like the attention we give him if we walk up to his stall. Rawls and Satire enjoy scratches and hugs when they come into the arena ahead of the herd. Rawls will even stand still for a hug or two which is nice because he is so soft.

I haven't seen the melancholy look in Satire now for a while which is great. He also rolls in the arena before he goes outside every day. He is so smart, he knows what to do for the bugs.  He has been exploring because the last couple days we have found many burrs on his halter.

It is nice to see horses do what horses like to do. The pasture is such a big plus here. Horses and humans alike can enjoy it. The crab apples of course are a big seller (Preacher told me).


  1. Satire was not melancholy, he is a senior and likes his afternoon naps. He is very smart and pampered, as he should be. I know and love this horse and he knows me. This is a new place and is is becoming more comfortable now.

  2. Yes, you are right on all counts, and you love him very much I know. I am just trying to give him some blog time as he much deserves the limelight. Plus, I love to see animals happy and comfortable. You would want a caretaker to feel this way because it is good for Satire.