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Monday, September 13, 2010

Warning, viewer discretion is advised

This blog contains descriptions that some readers may find offensive (grossed out).  I have decided to a very sophisticated and in depth study of the fly.  Since my barn is right outside my back door and I have dogs who must come in and go out about a thousand times a day (and night) we seem to have ample specimens in the house to conduct experiments on.

I was thinking early this morning hence this post, that the flies are all over feed in the barn with malaises in it and we just happen to have some in the pantry that my brother bought. The kitchen is where they hang out and drive me crazy and I am tired of swatting and having fly smudge all over the walls and cabinets (if you have a week stomach turn to another blog and come back getting gross here).  Cooper tries his best and so does Annabelle to eliminate the flies by snapping but they aren't fast enough.

Anyway, I pulled out a large flat white bowl and poured some malaises around the lip and then into the bowl and filled it with water. I walked a few feet away and watched. Indeed it drew them in, one finally gave into the temptation and then once the leader of the fly herd saw that it was okay they all flew down and perched on the bowl in the malaises. They were lined up in a nice neat row around the bowl. It seems that after awhile of being fly piggies they got kind of drunk on the malaises. I have proven that you can catch flies with malaises (sugar same difference).

I am just waiting for them to fall into the bowl of water and hopefully I can get them out of the house. I am quit certain there are no fly rescue groups out there sort of PETA's for insects that are going to come and get me and close down my malaises house.

Okay, you can open your eyes now it's over.

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