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Monday, May 23, 2011

Crazy busy...

6:30 this morning I wake up thinking we can't use a 6ft gate in the make shift stall it has to be a corral panel that is a stand alone. I decided to double up the panels and firm them up with ties. It worked! I moved horses and cleaned stalls for the new arrivals and set them up with hay and water.

The horse babies arrived! We did have to make a change later in the day because Willie needed to have his bud Jackson next to him. Mare Girl moved to where Pony and Bit was and it turned out really good for her because she has more privacy and it is cozy. Aubrey and Pony and Bit where tormenting each other through the corral bars but they will settle in together really fast. Everyone went out to the big pasture except for the new babies and they were out in the back paddock.

We changed the racks where we hang leads and tools and put another wheel on another gate. I did take a break during lunch time and got something to eat today. We came back and did stalls, soaked Preachers foot and fed everyone.

We also did dishes, laundry, and house stuff to try and keep things from getting totally out of control in the housekeeping area. Tomorrow I will finish organizing the barn and then we will try and clean out the area down the drive and spray out the block building. Starting Thursday the pet sitting, kenneling, grooming and canine classes are going to take off and it will be double time. I hope to get as much work done before Thursday.

Kylie is wrapping up her school work and doing very well. She and Ben have been great helps with all the little projects and I took them for DQ this evening for a reward. Hope to get to bed soon cause I am really sleepy now!

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