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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain but not dangerous

I let the two new horses out today in the morning to give them some pasture time. They were very good going out and came back when I called. The blacksmith came to help with Satire's foot, Mare Girl got a trim and no more soaking Preachers foot!

I did a good cleaning of the kennel and I'm getting ready for clients. I trimmed a goats feet for the first time. It wasn't hard except for convincing the goat he should let us. I learned from my friend Nancy about some good things nutritionally for horses which I will be trying on my own horses.

I let my own horses out to the big pasture and they thought they should stay out longer when  storm blew in. They got soaked in a good rain which made Cody's coat as white as snow but they learned their lesson when a big clap of thunder scared them. They ran really fast back to the barn and I told them they should have come when they were called!

I accomplished some tasks involving paperwork today. There's plenty of paperwork and record keeping to do and I am improving in keeping better records. It's easy to just keep working and not stop to take care of details.

The grass and trees are so green, I enjoyed looking out the window during the rain and seeing quick beams of sunlight poking through the clouds. The wet ground is becoming the challenge and it will affect hay production so lets hope for a few steady days of dry weather!

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