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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Midday update, tractor things

Found this thingy in the barn that I think came off a hydrant kit but it fits on the tractor throttle and for now makes a great knob. This is exciting! Griff found enough red paint to fix the tractor up so sometime this summer it's going to get a makeover. Of course, somewhere inconspicuous I will paint a flower on it just for fun.

Hot today, so took the make do screens out and turned air on. It's to muggy out to just do windows. We leaned out the feed room and took an old cooler out to put the prepared senior food in so the flies won't be an issue. When it is hot like this I prefer working in the morning and evening outside and doing the computer/inside work in the afternoon. I hope we get some days still where the temps are reasonable. I still have fencing things to take care of and sprucing up to do outside. 

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