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Sunday, May 29, 2011

With blessings comes challenges

My truck break line is leaking really bad so I took it in to have it fixed which is going to be expensive. We have been blessed a lot lately with boarders and dogs coming in for kenneling and grooming. The blessing with the truck is that I noticed it before I got on route 18 and knew there was a big issue. Griff drove me to one of my pet sitting appointments and found the leak for me.

Today Mare Girl got a bad cut and bruise on her head and had to be sown up. Shirley had issues with her refrigerator and Griff had a flare up with his hands. I was busy with chores, dog grooming, pet sitting and Mare Girl. The heat was really bad and it's supposed to be hot again tomorrow. Shirley is letting me borrow a fly mask for Mare Girl while she heals to keep the would covered. Shirley and I will doctor her up till she's healed.

The blacksmith came today and trimmed pony and Cody's feet. Cody had an abscess apparently that had worked itself out and Aubrey's feet didn't need a trim. It was good to see Randy and get caught up on all the barn news.

Kylie is getting ready for her little trip at the end of the week and is excited, she has been looking forward to it for a long time. She is making costumes and she is almost done with school. She played with her little herd today in the barn and held pony for the blacksmith.

It has been a long day and so I think another shower is in order and a last check on the horses and Mare Girl. 

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