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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Work in spite of blah weather, the mouse in the house

Threw our horses out in the arena this morning and did some maintenance on stalls. Took out the soiled bedding and blew out the cells in the mats with the leaf blower.  It's necessary to air out the mats every once in awhile to keep the ammonia smell away. Bedding traps odors and causes the cells to warm up which causes ammonia.

The live trap was set last night for our little mouse visitor. This morning the trap was sprung but I wasn't sure we had caught a mouse. Kylie inspected the trap closely and found a little tail sticking out when she peaked in. She is on her way now in the rain to the end of the big pasture to release the little mouse.

We see mice in the barn all of the time and they have a fair chance with the cats but please no mice in the house. Don't have the heart to poison or squish them unless absolutely necessary so this is a good way to move them out without causing suffering. I'm very sensitive to suffering in animals and humans, it's just the way God made me. To much trauma in my childhood most likely is part of it to.

The only animal I can allow to be killed as far as the farm goes is a groundhog that refuses to leave the pasture. I broken leg on a horse is a remote chance but the holes in the pasture is where I draw the line. I will harass them and drive over the holes with my big tractor wheels caving them in but if they come back then it's too bad.

Time for a little lunch and then off to do the rest of the stalls and after that maybe cleaning the house up some. 

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