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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thanks be to God, store surfing, big plans

I am thanking the Lord because the block building is completely booked for most of June and parts of August already for kenneling. I have a new grooming customer and they are referring another family to me also. They are also interested in taking one of the classes on beginner nose work for dogs that will be taught here.

I am also thanking Him for the trainers I am partnering with who will be teaching canine classes all summer here at the farm. We will have a kids camp and that is just wonderful and in the fall we will be doing kids camp about horses.

Today the manure piles were removed by Griff with a piece of equipment he borrowed and after that we dragged him along to Tractor Supply and a couple of other stores. I tried convincing him if he hung out at the fruit and vegetable section he could pick up women. He did not believe me.

We came home and I worked until now grooming and cleaning the block building afterwards. I cleaned the arena so our special boarder who always does this won't have to worry tomorrow. I did find the pieces I need to fix the manure spreader at tractor supply but using the smaller spreader for right now is just fine.

To top this day off the sky cleared and the sun shone even though it got colder out. 

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  1. : )) Can't wait to hear all the new news!! Sounds very promising!! It seems if I'm gone a day I miss all the good stuff!!!