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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The ups and the downs

This morning went well and the new horse babies are settling in very fast. Today was vet day for Shirley's herd. Preacher's abscess is all better, Echo had a little maintenance done in a private place, and Satire got a leg checkup.

Satire is 33 years young and so full of life with plenty of personality. Best of all, Satire is a very happy horse! His life is moving into a new level of retirement and taking it easy because of his age but he's very content because he knows he's loved, he has a forever herd, and great care. Satire enjoys eating, finding his way to the big pasture, his big cozy stall and all the love and petting he gets from everyone. Honestly he loves his life and makes the most out of each day and it's a good life for one so young!

My herd was out most of the day and they were glad to come in and rest in their stalls. We got some more things done to better organize things in the barn and all the chores done. Shirley helped soak preachers foot and some other things and I always appreciate her helping out. She was tired and I know she wanted to go home but she stayed a little longer.

Tomorrow will be interesting because I am grooming two dogs and I am going to attempt to trim a goats feet with some guidance from the owner who isn't able to do it right now. I believe I will become very skilled as my animal care career continues. Thursday a three week pet sit begins and we will have kenneling over the holiday weekend.

The floors got cleaned in the house and the dishes are done. Kylie and Ben helped out and I cooked dinner too. Soon, the last feeding and then lights out for me!

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