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Friday, May 27, 2011

Grooming and Kenneling

Our busy season has begun and we had a full day of pet sitting, some grooming, and some overnight stays. Regular chores of course and the day flew by. I am trying some different foods on our dogs because we have gone pretty much raw. I am learning as I go and it's interesting and not as complicated as one might think.

The big manure spreader will be fixed very soon I just have to get some simple parts at tractor supply. I'll be glad because 10 horses do produce plenty of poop and I'd to like to make just one trip to spread. The weather was really nice this evening and Kylie and I played in the arena with the big ball for the horses. We had fun as the horses looked on.

Preacher has a diaper on his boo boo foot with Dora the explorer as the theme, Satire had matching leg wraps (matching his halter). He climbed the sawdust pile and demolished some hay. Preacher also molested two bales of hay and dragged them down into the arena. He got a sharp word from Shirley. Echo got his ear hairs trimmed sort of.... Shirley also gave him a sharp word for being such a wiggle worm.

The two new babies named Jackson and Willy are very settled already. Everyone enjoyed the big pasture and Mare Girl was very cute trotting out to the big pasture leading the way for Echo. I hope to get her weight up by wintertime so the more grass the better.

Kylie has decided that we are really sheppards we care and tend to animals. Sometimes it feels that way because we are always looking out for their safety and best interest.

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