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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little taste of heaven on earth today

Starting your own business in this economy is a pretty tall order, stressful and a bit dangerous. Fast forward, we are ending our first year and the last three months have been the absolute hardest financially.

The weather has played a factor and the high utility bills plus building a customer base slowly. I'm more confident now in my abilities all the way around and am more at ease with my skills. We are finally gaining ground and the realization of achieving goals and dreams is looming in front of me, yeah!

One big hurdle this month was the gas bill, help came from two fronts and we have galloped over it! What I am leading up to is this, the best part of this whole journey is watching God move all around me. I'm in a position where I walk more by faith and believing seen and unseen.

Today God moved, and He not only helped me but helped a dear friend with better transportation for her children. I got to play a role in helping and witness how God can tailor outcomes based on our needs and not what our thoughts can have us believe. I sat and watched my friend worry about the what ifs and those defeating thoughts we all have which are not there by accident. We forget that as Christians there is a spiritual realm and as God leads us the enemy tries to discourage. We must know that discouragement and negativity don't come from our loving Lord and we must cast them down and embrace the gentle loving guidance of the Lord in our hearts. The outcome today was an answer to prayer and amazing for us both.

The Lord has sent a buyer who is a Pastor of a local church to purchase the boulders we are selling and He also sent me a new customer today for kenneling and training. Everyday is truly amazing for all of us really if we take time to notice but today was even closer I think to a little taste of heaven for me because I felt loved by my family, friends, and the Lord. I love the picture I took of the fence and the dirt road.

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