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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The weekend was a blur

In spite of being incredibly busy the past three days (whirlwind busy), I love my life and relish the work and seeing things come together. All grass at this house and my other house has been cut, gaits have been hung, and hinges have been repaired. We will be getting two new horses in tomorrow for boarding and we have put together a stall to move Aubrey in and he will be next to his little buddies, pony and bit.

We made a mad dash to Tractor Supply today to get more gaits and mats. Yesterday was shopping all morning and I took a stab at trying to snap off a huge limb that broke but was still attached to a tree. I drove Big Red over to the old property and Griff and I hooked up chains but we couldn't get it to break off so some cutting and we'll try again later. I mowed around trees in the pasture to cut down the burr bushes before they get started. Once the new horses come in and everything is settled, I will be devoting my week to repairing the split rail fence and getting the house cleaned up again.

It was supposed to rain the next few days so we went and got a load of hay on the back of the pick up last night.  We'll need more in a couple of weeks and the boulders will be gone by then which leaves two more piles to move in the area that was used to dump or store things. Once the piles are gone I will fence the area in as a small paddock. Also, I have gotten permission from a neighbor to fence in a section across my fence onto his property.

The next project is to work on the block building and get things together for the dogs that will be boarded. I have a plan so I hope it works. 

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