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Friday, May 6, 2011

A very unusual day, God blesses us once again

Kylie was having a friend sleepover tonight and I wanted to clean the house and then go to the store for snacks etc. When you plan on things sometimes everything goes backwards and that was what happened today.

We ended up going to the store in the morning and having breakfast with Griff and to make a long story short we never got back to the farm until after lunch time. When I came in to the house I got a call about the boulders I am selling. The man is a pastor of a local church but used to be an assistant pastor where my parents went to church and he remembered them. It was a wonderful thing and he bought the stone and will pick it up in about a week. They have been on craigslist for a long time and it was such a nice thing to sell them and again we are blessed.

Finally, we managed to do a pretty good job straightening up the place before Kylie's friend arrived. We went to Goodwill so Kylie could help her friend pick out clothes to remake into a costume. We came back and had pizza then I heard a terrible load boom. A terrible accident at the end of our road happened and there was life  flight helicopters and it was only two cars but they were completely destroyed. It had to be high speed and one person was dead at the scene. Very scary and I feel terrible about the accident.

The kids weren't really aware of how bad it was and I am glad because Kylie is very sensitive about things happening. The rest of the evening has been quiet and the girls have been working on creating costumes. All the animals enjoyed Kylie's friend and her teenage sister who dropped her off and stayed to pet them all. 

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