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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sun and dirt

The weather is nice and the day was hotter and more humid. The horses were moving a little slower and the house was pretty hot inside. I worked outside most of the day and got some sun and a little burned. I mowed at the other house, did barn chores, drove the boarders horses in from the back pasture and moved gate sections for a friend.

It was all dirty work and I was very happy to come in and get cleaned up at the end of the day. Tomorrow will be spent here doing work and taking care of the things around the house like fixing the hinges on one of the doors and hopefully shaving the pony and bit.

The dogs are in need of a really good bath to get the loose fur out. They are shedding more now and we have tumbleweeds of dog fur in the house. I vacuumed, cooked, and Kylie worked on school work and did the dishes plus some laundry.

The interesting thing about this house is that they never replaced all the windows and the old ones they sealed. I broke the seals and put in temporary screens so we can enjoy the natural air. Now all we need is a screen door and for the spring and fall it would be tolerable instead of running the air conditioning all the time.

We had a great breakfast this morning with fresh eggs from our neighbors chickens, fried potatoes, and left over sloppy joes with melted cheese. I wasn't hungry all day! 

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