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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brrrr snow, yuk

Glad I haven't planted any of  my half runner pole beans in the little garden I dug up. They would have frozen their little sprouts off. I am all proud of myself because I have been working on my scissoring on the dogs I am kenneling for some friends. I did a really good job, I am very good at baths, shaving and neatening up dogs but still need experience scissoring dogs that have very specific cuts for their breed.

I didn't get any painting done today but I did sort of  re-upholster my roller chair as a pit bull ate part of it last year. Fabric and a staple gun and I am good to go. I took a picture to post later.

Today Polo got some time out with the Will, Jackson, and Mare Girl. It was a lot of fun as everyone went racing around. The other horses are being less aggressive as they are used to him standing on the other side of the gate. Polo got tired and went back into the barn and we put him in his stall and he took a nap. He's eating all of his hay and is stealing lead lines and halters off the other horses doors and calling to Mare Girl so he is very happy and full of life. Polo ran around the arena at a full gallop and his tail in the air.

Our mower isn't back yet from repairs but luckily one of my neighbors is going to cut down the jungle for me when the weather gets better. I get really anxious when the lawn is above 5 inches and since it was fertilized really well last year with manure you can imagine how hairy it is now.

Kylie has strep throat, she wasn't feeling too good so I took her to the doctor today and she tested positive. She got some medicine so she should be better soon. 

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