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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An upside down day

Fluffing the arena, lots of visitors and phone calls. It was a crazy day by any standards. Chores and then Mike came with his Ford Tractor and started dragging the arena, he wasn't able to break up some of the stuff and so it was time to release the Kraken (my big red tractor). I was able to break up the hard surface and we will spread the footing back over the arena floor tomorrow.

I ran to Walmart cause I thought the battery was run down on the tractor and while there I got a much needed and overdue oil change on the truck and tires rotated. I also bought a battery charger because it is either a flat tire or a run down battery at least once a month and I just broke down and bought a dang charger to keep on hand.

After evening chores I took Kylie to try on dresses as she has wanted to try on Prom dresses for awhile, she isn't old enough yet but she wanted to do it and it was fun.

Back to the farm and more phone calls and eventually it was time to do the night feeding. I fed everyone and noticed while I walked past Polo's stall that he was choking. I have never seen a horse choke but it was obvious what it was and so I called the owner's and Willow Creek Veterinary. I love Willow Creek because they always answer the phone day or night. They advised me what to do and Polo was able to work it out on his own, his owner came right away and he was fine by the time she got to the barn but was glad to come and see that he was okay.

The tough part of the day for me was dealing with people and money. I have to say it just once... money and greed in this world, it makes me sick to my stomach. I never wanted to be rich, I never felt money was more important than anything, I believe we are here to make the world a better place, to serve others and God's creatures. Instead, it seems money is what we were created for, to fight over, to covet, to stop at nothing to get and to destroy in order to gain more. If we have money we don't need God, we don't need to worry about others, we don't need to try and be better people. Animals don't have money, they have compassion, they care for others, they look to meet their own basic needs but are satisfied.

One more thing, I don't care about cars, expensive houses, or any superficial things. I love my daughter, my animals, the animals in my care and the land and nature that God has blessed me with eyes to see. I really feel like if I hear one more person rant and rave about how much money they spent on something frivolous to the tune of thousands of dollars while children in the world go hungry and are homeless... I think I am going to puke... just saying. 

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