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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Frustration fuels energy

The water line leak is still not fixed because a neighbor's backhoe blew a hose and he left it sitting in the parking lot, I am one of those people that can just get frustrated and just get things done. I am going out with my shovel tomorrow and getting it done. Five feet of packed gravel will not stop me as I am tired of waiting and nothing getting done.

There are a few things around here that have to be knocked out before I will be at peace. Weeding, painting and cleaning up being some of them.

I have also started to put together a business plan to try and obtain a business loan. I lease purchased this property and I need to get it in our name once and for all so I can concentrate on doing what I started out to do. I hope to find a financial backer and it isn't going to be easy.

I plan on working more with senior dogs because our kennel is small and groom shop. Many groomers don't like to work on senior dogs for various reasons, the kennel is quiet and that is just better for senior pets.

I continue to advertise for senior equines because this place is best suited for their needs. It gives me great pleasure for them to feel at home and safe here and I know how to feed and care for them. It is my objective to care and guide them through their later life and yes even till their end.

Ultimately, I want to partner with people who help children with emotional trauma and let the animals and the farm help with the healing process. Seniors may seem useless to some but they have so much to give.

I also want to pursue canine/equine massage and get certified. I believe physical contact can relieve pain, give comfort and relieve anxiety.

I don't know how I will accomplish all of this but I hope that those of you that read this blog will pray for me for wisdom, focus and funds to build this business into something that makes a difference to people and their animal companions.

P.S. I pray that someday the farm will not be a total blanket of taupe. It's an okay color but everything here was painted taupe and to be frank it's dull and boring. We are in need of a more upbeat color scheme, it just needs to happen.

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