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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something that has really touched my life

I bathed a little dog today who comes in regularly to the groom shop I work part time at and he had a few little mats. He was very good for me but when I tried combing out a mat his disposition changed, I took his little face in my hands and looked in his eyes and he looked back and his eyes softened and I proceeded  to comb him out.

When the little dog went to the groomer, I walked out and saw that they had muzzled him because he bites. The were filing his nails and he was trying to bite in a way that would have drawn blood if the muzzle weren't on. I put my hand on his head and gently rubbed the side of his face and he leaned into my caress. He did not attempt to bite again and finally his nails were finished.

I see this with many dogs when they are groomed and they may strike out at the blower or especially when their nails are being done. It is a reaction based on fear and that they may feel pain. I find that when I acknowledge the dog as a living thing and they acknowledge me by making eye contact and talking to them they will try their best not to hurt me.

I have worked with dogs bathing them at the shop and the ones who have a very high anxiety level will bark none stop during their bath or they will shake all over uncontrollably but not when I bath them. I touch them and make eye contact with them and soothe them and sometimes they will sit or lay down and just relax. My favorite part is when I towel them dry because I slowly message their faces and body's and they melt into it.

The dryer is a high velocity blower and although the dogs have cotton balls in their ears it is still a lot to tolerate on such sensitive ears, so I cradle their faces in my arm and cover their little ears and I never hit them full on in the face or ears, always at a distance when it is time to dry their ears and face. I find they are much happier and enjoy the process when they are respected and comforted.

Sometimes I bath an elderly dog or one with health issues, I will massage their hips and legs while I work with the water and dryer to give them comfort and help support them when I need them to stand for the process.

I want to go to school to obtain a certification in companion animal message. I believe for the old dogs and the ones with health issues including anxiety it is of great benefit for them to be touched and handled well to relieve pain and fear.

These experiences have really touched my life, I know I have learned the body language of dogs and horses and that I am empathic and can intuitively sense their feelings, especially when something is wrong. It helps me a great deal when working with animals to sense things and read into their behavior. I have made many four legged friends. I can even communicate with body language, movement and feelings and they understand. These skills grow over time and with experience. I am very fortunate to have been able to learn and grow doing what I love. 

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