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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feeling Philisophical

Today I felt the affects of the anticlimax of finally resolving the water line break which has caused me much stress. I watched a movie with my brother Gregg called "Meeting Joe Black" it is a movie that can bring deep thoughts to the surface.

I love Facebook because I always see something posted that makes me laugh or smile. I am Facebook friends with many animal lovers and rescue groups. Many people in the world wonder why people work so hard and give so much of their hearts for animals. I believe there are many reasons why, all with good intentions and with a deep profound love to make the world a better place.

I am very sensitive to suffering be it animal or human, I find it puzzling sometimes that even myself will step forward to help an animal and lose patience with another human. Helping animals fulfills the need in our souls to care, to make a difference, to give love without getting hurt. Our need is met with instant gratification of gratitude and  unconditional love. It is not selflessness that we help animals, there's a reward we look forward to receiving. It is very simple actually. There is even an element of feeling like a hero and feeling like a better human being.

Sadly, in many cases there is no reward for helping people. Gratitude is sometimes replaced by entitlement and unconditional love is not something humans are born to give, it takes work and maturity. People are not born with the sense that helping may mean nothing in return and inevitably there is no payoff. The worst of it is the help given may not make a difference or be refused.

I was brought up to give, to honor, to help not only animals but people. The most painful of hurts in my life have been from people either I've helped or loved. It is easy then to want to be with animals, to serve animals, to befriend them. There have been times however when whether appreciated or not, I have felt great joy and love for helping someone or a family in need.

Altruism is a rare virtue in animal or human, Jesus the best example, simply loved for loves sake, regardless of the consequences. The challenge in life is to become a better person and care just because... not for self glory.

The challenge in kindness is stepping to higher ground and love, yes helping others. You might not get the instant gratification, instead it maybe like getting a slap in the face but that is part of maturing as a person.

I will always help animals and people to the best of my ability, I am not weak although some might think so, after all, I am very much aware of the risk I take by getting hurt or rejected and that is not for the faint of heart. Especially for someone that was abandoned and rejected as a child by their own parents. In fact, it can be something that is the most painful and feared but I strive to overcome my childhood ghosts. 

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