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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dog hair everywhere

I met a really nice Husky today, he had never in all his life had a bath. The dog probably still had puppy fur in his coat (just kidding) I washed him three times and when I went to dry him he still didn't smell very nice so I washed him again. I blew his coat out and I think I got an entire garbage bag of hair off of him. I finished him and he looked great but still shedding but he does smell great.

Tomorrow I have a full line up of baths and will start early.

I'm really proud of my daughter, she is working on her school work online and getting things really caught up. She does help me around here to and I never take that for granted.

My little dogs in the kennel are happy but will be glad to go home. Dogs really miss their people, they do grieve when they are given away or abandoned. I have witnessed it first hand. It's like a child crying for their mother. Of all the things I see, the most difficult is an animal who has lost their owner.

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