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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today, Kylie and I hit the ground running at 8:30.  We started stalls, cleaned the arena and some misc. stuff. Our first arrival for the day was Polo a beautiful retired polo horse, he made the trip here just fine and settled in well. He is next to Mare Girl in the barn and is stricken of course, love at first site. Mare Girl is completely unmoved and oblivious to another gelding in her harem of admirers.

Polo ate hay and his feed, took a run around the arena and spent the rest of the day staring through tiny cracks in the wall of his stall at Mare Girl.

Dave, Dusty, and Josh showed up to work in the kennel building and got a lot done as far as laying brick. There is still a ways to go of course but it's getting there.

Mike brought Sara to ride and we spent some time with them and fixed Cody's stall to prevent cribbing. It was Mare Girl's turn to be wormed, she fought like a wild horse so finally I gave her some food she couldn't resist with the wormer included and she ate it and licked her bowl. Mare may be old but she has plenty of go that is for sure.

It was a very long day and I am still wound up but tired. Tomorrow is sawdust delivery, more on the kennel building and fluffing stalls. I may do some painting if the weather permits.

Saturday was crazy too as I had to go to a few stores, shave down a huge matted dog and get a round bail besides the usual farm work.

I will sleep good tonight I think.

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