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Monday, April 23, 2012

Satisfaction in finishing a job

Water line fixed but what about the big gaping hole? Mike moved his tractor and it took Big Red 10 minutes to push the soil back into the hole. I cleaned up the parking lot too and continued to grade the lower areas where the water always stands.

It is good to see things get put back together. I will have to put back the fence before the end of the week but that is only one t-post. I love two, well three things, the post driver, the post popper, and the squeegee for the floor. So much for fine jewelry...

Anything that makes work easier and more efficient is much appreciated.

I took Kylie this morning to do her state testing, and washed Peaches (her once a week medicated bath). The wind was so high that the horses were only out for a short time. The tarp on the sawdust has everything thrown on except the kitchen sink to keep it from blowing away.

It's been a quiet evening, I am grateful for that and hope the weather will be more fun to work in tomorrow.

I held Cooper in my arms tonight (my little sheltie), he put his little face under my chin and fell asleep. When I found him he had been left at the shelter by his owner's boyfriend. I called her for his shot records and found he had been dumped before by another family. He was afraid for months of my brother and would run and hide, he was afraid he was going to be taken away. He's over it now but when I held him tonight I felt he finally felt safe and secure.

All of my animals have their own story, I love them so.  

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