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Thursday, April 12, 2012

God's amazing people

I've met incredible people on my life's journey, many at the bank, from all walks of life. The truly rich and I mean rich people are usually kind and well mannered, the people who think they are rich, are usually self centered and more judgmental, the average person who earns enough to get by are usually kind and want to do good things, the poor.... and I've known many working for a bank in the community reinvestment segment, share with others and give from what little they have. 

Now that I work primarily with animals and their owners my experience is that some care about animals and people and some only care about animals. To me animals and people are inseparable, one inevitably heals the other or both.

Recently, I had a very rich friend who was offended because a man who is my brother's best friend happen to be here at the farm and happened to be black. There is more to the story of course but there is no point in going into every detail.  This man lives in Cleveland in special housing, he is poor, he has aides, and he has lived an interesting life. He happens to be one of the nicest men I have ever met. Today he came with my brother for a visit and brought us groceries because he was worried we didn't have enough to eat. This man came and worked a weekend here for two days all day and helped us clean and do things to get this place looking nice.

My friend no longer wants to be friends and she no longer wants me to care for her animals. My brother's friend helped when my step dad had Alzheimer's, not many people would do that I know because it is a very difficult situation. I can say that I am sorry for my friend feeling the way she does but I am honored to know this man, he is a good person.

I have a wonderful neighbor who brought us deer meat, does our driveway in winter for free, has done many things to help me with this place to get us further ahead.

We are keeping two little dogs for a family who lost their home and are living in a shelter. The dogs have been here for three months, the owners give me a little money and provide food. They swear when things are better they want to do something for us.

Our new boarders who had horses at home for years are so grateful for the time we have taken to make their horse comfortable and to be worked into the herd so he won't be depressed thanked me and said I know you do more than other boarding stables do and they appreciate the time I have given them and their horse. The reward for me is to see the happiness and relief they have in seeing Polo happy and eating again.

Another neighbor mowed our yard because my mower is still out for repairs. There are many more people in my life that have come and gone who have done great things, and sometimes very unkind things. I still count it all as blessings and not one animal have I met that wasn't wonderful, that hasn't given me love, acceptance, and trust.

God's people are amazing, His creatures are absolutely amazing and I am so thankful. Today was another wonderful day meeting new dogs at the grooming shop where I work part time and I have five wonderful dogs in my kennel right now. I am so very happy most of the time.

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