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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cold, but a good day

I went to work at the groom shop today and had a great time. I bathed several smaller dogs and they are so sweet, no one knows how much they go through for their owners in order to have beautiful coats.

I came home around 3:30 and Polo's owner was in the barn spending time with him. Polo was pining to go out with other horses and so we decided to give it a try. Polo was so excited to join the other horses, we started with Will who charges a couple of times but with no real intent. Mare Girl gave her usual ears back look but wasn't too concerned. Of course, it was Jackson that had to be a pain, he charged and chased Polo and I ran him away. Jackson is just above Mare in the herd structure which is one away from last so he strives to bully Mare and now Polo. Still, it went okay for the first meeting and Polo will be run off for a few days. I am thinking Mare and him will be best paired because they can go out together alone and eat in peace without Jackson and Will. Polo is looking to find another horse to bond with as he lost his long time herd buddy in October.

Dave and Josh came to work on the walls in the kennel, they are 5 feet tall now and look pretty good. Next, we will put chain link fence to the ceiling and make gates. This weekend all my focus is going to be on finding the water leak and fixing it. The electric bill jumped last month so that is probably when the water leak started, the pump has probably been running 24/7.

Tomorrow is going to be fun, Scrappy comes for daycare and Peaches comes for another bath. We will be getting three dogs for boarding for a week on Saturday. Chores are easier now with just two feeds to use and a round bale in the pasture so the horses eat all day. We have a big pile of sawdust and so the stalls are fluffed and easier to clean.

Now if the lawnmower would come back from repair before the lawn grows higher than the house I'd be very happy. I get really irritated when the lawn is shaggy. We got in from the barn earlier to night than usual and it's really cold tonight. I want to go to sleep earlier and get started very early in the morning.  

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