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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A mother/daughter conversation

I have a 14 year old daughter who is full of questions about life and love. She asked me tonight if I were to do it all over again what type of man would I have wanted to meet and marry.

I had to think about the answer for a minute or two. Since I never had a dad as a male role model the only person I can really think of as an example in my life of a man that I would find qualities in that would appeal to me is my grandfather.

I loved my grandfather and he gave me unconditional love. His generation was different (he was 92 when I was 10) he was born in 1884 and he was my adopted grandfather. Grandfather was kind and much more refined than in his younger days. He had been a lumberjack and a coal miner and then at 40 he converted and became a circuit minister in the mountains.

Regardless of his wilder days I know he was honest and hard working all of his life. He told me when I was a child that I should never do anything that I wouldn't be proud to put my name on because a name should be respected.

Anyway, fat chance finding someone to fill my grandfather's shoes. I do know I would want someone I could respect above all else.

I told Kylie stories about my grandfather, she is named after him (her middle name). To pass on his wisdom and tell stories about him to Kylie is a great honor. I know he is in heaven but his name lives on so long as he is part of someone's memory. 

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