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Monday, April 30, 2012

Losing track of time

I am trying to think of everything that's happened since I last posted. Time flies by really fast around here and so I'll start with the mower. After some complications the mower is now running. I bought a battery to replace the old one and got a great deal at the local Interstate Battery shop. Anyway, I cut the grass just before it rained tonight and it took me a few minutes to get back into the groove. I am so happy to be able to cut the dang grass.... finally.

Kylie road Aubrey tonight, he has been acting like a young horse and giving her trouble but things went well tonight. I groomed all of our dogs (4) and they are very fluffy and smelling great.

The two herds are going out on pasture for a little while every day now. We rounded up one herd today with the pickup cause they didn't want to leave the grass. Kylie took a little lesson in driving the truck in the pasture and did great.

We got a new round bale today for the paddock to use when we rotate the herds. Feed man came, Mares caregivers dropped some feed off for her so all is well.

No more water leaks but I have to fix the toilet in the block building. We had six dogs in the kennel over the weekend and everyone was very good.

Polo joined my herd and Cody loves him, Aubrey, Bit and Pony accepted him as one of their own. I was happy to see it all fall into place. Polo has a boo boo leg, sore from being chased and the harder ground outside.

Pony still needs a bath and we need to take his coat down with the clippers, Bit will also have to be clipped. Cody and Aubrey will get bathed soon. Cody hates baths so he will be done in the driveway so he can dance around and smack his hooves on the ground in protest.

Big Red did a great job of filling in the hole we dug for the water line fix and smoothing
everything out again.

Kylie spent the weekend with her dad at a horse show, they battled about showing as Kylie is not really into showing but her dad certainly is into it.

I hope to trim the weeds soon, not my favorite job but I have to do it, the place will look much nicer with everything trimmed up.

Tomorrow I will cut more grass, maybe weed trim (we'll see) and maybe some more painting on the block building. 

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