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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I was raised along the Ohio River, in a valley, and we had tornadoes several times each year. I am glad I live somewhere now where there aren't ones coming regularly because I know what they can do and I hate them.

I enjoy a good thunderstorm and I don't get too concerned but owning a barn with horses keeps me on my guard just the same. I get weather text on my phone just for that reason. The horses either need to come in or be turned loose depending on what's happening.

I think or at least I hope everyone knows the signs of a tornado, you look for a funnel, everything including birds are completely quite, the sky is usually purple and ominous.

One thing I know for sure to watch is the temperature of the wind. If the wind is colder than the air there's a good chance it won't be a tornado but if the wind blows hot, hotter than the air outside, you better take cover.

When a storm comes and the temperature starts to drop that is very good. I've seen trees uprooted and holes in the ground left as big as my living room, I've lived through windows being blown out of the house etc. So, I certainly sympathize with folks suffering now from such severe storms. The animals too suffer, tornadoes are really awful.  

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