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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good things and bad things today

I helped out a friend today by speaking in public. I haven't spoke to a larger group of people in awhile. I guess I mellowed with age because I wasn't completely over come with fear. It felt good to be of service to a worthy cause.

We had chores at home and chores at a clients farm and worked hard. I dealt with some frustrating calls in between all of this. Gas prices are hitting me hard with the truck because it uses so much gas it needs it's own small middle eastern country just to keep it running.

I had the pleasure of dealing with the child support bureau today and I still haven't finished my taxes. The upside to today was helping a friend and also working on an opportunity to bring more business in to the farm and I got a lead on a pet sitting job that will last a few weeks.

It was warmer out and Kylie found a big hole high in a tree with some type of bees busily at work. The grass is getting pretty green and the horses are still working on their round bales. I can see all the fence repairs I want to get done and some changes to the gates. I might have rough days but they are so much better when the weather is warmer.

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