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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Men? Cleaning frenzy, and car talk

Okay, what do men really mean when they say something needs a woman's touch?

I cleaned the house today and the basement. I cleaned the bird cages, Kylie cleaned the bunny cage and we got laundry caught up. I cleaned the stalls and started getting the stuff out that piled up over winter. We are getting ready for the busy season here. The low tires on the equipment got filled thanks to Griff.

Next week it's fencing, raking, spraying and trimming. I want to repair the back paddock with some split rail left over from another project, tear down  a couple of posts and throw up some t-posts.

I love the Car Talk show on NPR with click and clack. But, I think when Griff and I work on the truck it probably sounds a lot funnier as we argue back and forth as much if not more. I was standing on a bucket today because I am to short to reach the inner parts of the engine on my Dodge truck so that I could point out the obvious things. Okay, he was gracious about it but still it was fun. 

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