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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh just a few more sunny days please!!!

Today I started out shopping with my brother for Easter dinner. I came home and Griff took me for another ride on the bike but this time I told him if he went ridiculously fast again it would be for the last time. He obliged hard as it was for him to go a little slower. We got a little more dirt dumped in the hole beside the house so it's looking better and better.

Andrew, our neighbor who is like a younger brother to me gave us some really nice patio furniture and a coffee table. He has been so good to us. I put the furniture by the block building where there is a fire pit. We need some nice gravel there and it will be awesome because the furniture is nice, the fire pit, there is a grill and the building has water and all the amenities. I think Griff the grill master will be jealous.

We got the smaller mower stuck in the mud today and Kylie and I pushed it out and got really muddy which actually was a lot of fun. I'm going to pull out some fence posts tomorrow if it doesn't rain and try to gradually get things fixed up. Once I get the back blade for the tractor I am going to move some stuff and smooth it out in the back.

Mare girl is doing well but down on weight, I know she'll fill out nice once she gets out on pasture most of the time. Preacher and Echo and her are now their own happy herd. I'm happy for her after all these years of being alone, she's living a proper life now.

Things are really challenging right now but in spite of the finances being so lean I can't remember when I've had better times. I really want to see this place blossom and share it with others. Maybe someday we could do a non-profit and open up opportunity for kids to experience life with horses and other creatures. Let's hope the good Lord allows things to progress and bless us.

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