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Friday, April 29, 2011

Some down time to update website and create database

Raining and cold. Time to tidy the house and work on the business website and make some changes. I will be adding bio information on some of the people who will be teaching here and information about signing up for a class.

Time to store receipts electronically and track income. I have the applications just need to build the customized data base to do it. The iphone is the best tool, I can deposit checks on it from home, scan receipts and send to my computer and of course the calender feature is awesome. I can also scan business cards now since I have a huge collection and the information goes directly to my iphone contacts.

My memory isn't that great when I am running here and there and always thinking hours ahead so it is important to use the tools on my phone to keep my life organized as much as possible if that is possible, I'm just saying....

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