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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tired and cranky

Yes, tired and as cranky as a honey badger! We worked all day today and barely had time to eat. It was fun at times but wet of course and muddy.

Not much to highlight today, tomorrow should be easier and maybe we'll even go fishing again. It's nice to be home and it will be a good sleep tonight.

We went to TSC and Uncle Greg got a pair of knee high rubber boots for trudging through mud and manure! Always a good investment when the weather is wet.

I might have an opportunity to rent one more stall in May which would be great. I am going to use panels for the two little ones and everyone will be cozy.

Time to start combing craigslist for some supplies we can use. I think when I have some money we are going to get a dishwasher. Okay everyone has one and I haven't for about 11 years now. Yes, I would like this luxury item. 

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  1. I hardly think a dishwasher is a luxury for someone who works as hard as you - hope you manage to get one really soon to ease your life a little.